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Cardiopulse is so confident about the performance and reliability of its products, it can offer the best warranty in the business. All products are covered by a comprehensive warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This covers all charges, including materials and labor, for repair or replacement of all Cardiopulse provided components during the warranty period. Upon expiration of the warranty, a variety extended warranty plans are available including various combinations of parts, labor and travel.


Customer service and training are complimentary features that Cardiopulse offers to all customers. We now provide face training, online training and conference call training for the Advantage system. With these new features, we provide continuous training for all Advantage users, at your convenience.


As the ECP technology is the latest alternative of 21st century is widely accepted in Europe, America, China, Australia etc. There are more than 20,000 units operating world wide. It is relatively new and just approaching India with few centers. 

With rise of coronary heart patients this technology is already in great demand.

Establishing ECP units in India is a good practice and business opportunity for Cardiac Care Physicians, Heart Hospitals/Institutes,

Multi Speciality Hospitals, and any general investor. Cardiopulse provides and guides with a complete business model and solution on ECP.

The medical world has seen a gradual shift from invasive to non-invasive treatments in cardiology. 1970’s was the decade of bypass surgery, 1980’s saw the bloom of angioplasty (ballooning) and in the 1990’s stents made the big news headlines. Moving a step further the new millennium is heading towards a truly non-invasive treatment the ECP.

While the ECP alternative provides many distinctive advantages to angina patients, the ECP project provides an alternative business opportunity to many.

The ECP project is well established now with results comparable to those of other heart treatments backed by extensive papers and editorial in famous international medical journals. The ECP equipment is an affordable addition to any hospital or clinic with Cardiac care.

By establishing ECP facility, many more patients apart from the patients who clearly need surgery can be seen and treated. In this way it gives a significant treatment opportunity. 

  • ECP facility attracts more patients to the hospital
  • Having ECP will rise the level of choice and assess for patients
  • ECP reduce the referrals to other Hospitals and specialists
  • ECP facility would increase getting referral from other practitioners and hospitals
  • ECP reduce over reliance on more expensive treatment
  • ECP unit occupies very little space and can be operated with one technician economically.
  • ECP puts very minimum demand on physician time
  • ECP unit will Improves the competitiveness of your practice
  • ECP unit will creates a new revenue source 
  • Nearly eighty to ten patients can be treated per day. Busy clinics can treat patients round the clock


Carewell Medical Centre
H. No. 1, NRI complex, C R Park, G. K. IV, New Delhi - 110019
BLK Superspeciality Hospital
Pusa Road, New Delhi - 110005
Tyagi Nursing Home
66/3 & 66/4, Ashok Nagar, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi - 110018
Dr. Singhal's Imaging Lab
K-1/9, Near Vespa Showroom, Main Road Rajapuri, Opposite sector 5 - Dwarka